* We are manufacturing disposable cardboard cups and sizes with our NATROCUP brand.

* To produce cardboard cups in Istanbul Ikitelli organized industrial zone with three cardboard cup production machine began at 250 mt2. As a result of our investments in a short period of time, we reached 20 million pieces of cardboard cup production per month in 1,000 mt2. We keep customer satisfaction at the forefront of our products.

* NATROCUP PAPER CUP 100% is an ambitious candidate to become the largest packaging company of the near future with its quality principle and never compromising 100% discipline and self-sacrifice.

* 21. NATROCUP KARTON BARDAK, which aims to create a trusted brand that is always combined with the technology of the 20th century. The company is committed to progressing to the future with solid steps without compromising its leadership goals.

* NATROCUP PAPER BARDAK will always be followed by the support of its customers, suppliers and employees. * NATROCUP is a registered trademark of our company. Our products are manufactured according to the standards we have set for our brand.

* Each distribution instead of all of our products made in Turkey represents the NATROCUP quality. We are continuing to carry our quality and production quality continuously.

* In principle, we continue to prioritize customer satisfaction and honesty, and we continue our efforts to become a reputable, reputable and reliable company in the sector in line with our vision, mission and values.

* Producing sustainable solutions for the success of our customers